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Happy Hour is a pilates class at a reduced price of $10.00 a class, there are three on the schedule Tuesday and Friday & Saturday.  There is no sign-up required, in fact you cant sign up,  just show up and work it out.  You don't need to be a member , you show up and you can bring cash and or pay electronically with the instructor at the time of the class. If you have an existing package with us, you have the option to provide cash and or can use one of your membership classes.

Reformer All



All levels are welcome here, from the beginner to the Pilates devotee. We will provide movements that cater to everyone using modifications and progression choices for each series. You will be challenged and educated on proper technique to further your personal advancement. One for all!




New to Pilates? Then this is the class for you! As a new practitioner, as well as those desiring a 'refresher' session, this class focus is on mastering the Principles of Pilates with basic yet powerful altering moves on the reformer. Proper technique through precise cues will leave you with a solid developing foundation and definitely craving more. The term 'Pilates is addictive' definitely applies!

Reformer Intermediate



This is where we take it up a notch! This fun energized class is for the devotee, the abled body who understands and applies the Pilates principals exhibiting great body awareness. We utilize a more complex choreography, deeper body strengthening with occasional props added to challenge your stability. This is a great class for those seeking to build upon their Pilates repertoire, setting new goals and reaching new strides in your practice!

Advanced Reformer

LEVEL 1.5-2


This is a HIGH intensity workout where the classes are more complex in choreography, strength, endurance, repetitions and the transitions and pace are elevated and catered for the more seasoned Pilates devotee. We focus in on superb alignment and deep core engagement with movements that include both regression and progression of a series.  This class is ideal for the client who has mastered intermediate level and is looking for the ultimate Pilates session for self empowerment!

Reformer Tower Pilates

LEVEL 1.5-2


This very fun class uses reformers that are converted into mats as the surface with emphasis on Tower/Cadillac work. Great body awareness and the ability to transition quickly between moves is recommended, as the client is required to change springs and individual set up. The focus is on alternating positions: from prone, supine, sitting, and standing;  incorporating all meridians of your body. There is less body assistance unlike the reformer workout,  making this class an excellent core workout!!  You can expect a strong emphasis on  balance, stability, and coordination.  Take your Pilates regimen to a whole new level—you will be back for more!!

Lower Body Burn



This intense lower body workout focuses on shaping your legs to high definition, strengthening your transverse abs and lifting the booty. We use a variety of props to keep this workout challenging and contemporary. You'll be sure to leave with a lasting burn!

Cardio Reformer



This high intense class combines the use of the reformer machine with the jump board attachment in place.  Props such as sliding discs and weights, and balls may be introduced to melt calories away and get that metabolism burning. The pace of this class is elevated with more demanding moves that will make you sweat. You will leave feeling energized. Not recommended for beginners.

Stretch n’ Pull Reformer



This class emphasis is on the spinal flexibility, deep stretching that will improve muscle imbalances, which could lead to lower back pain and poor posture.  Starting at your toes then working your way through out the entire body. Utilizing breath, control and precision to enhance elasticity through your body. The class setting is in a calming environment so by the time class is over you will feel longer, flexible and ultimately at ease.