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Our team welcomes you to Pilates Fusion and looks forward to making this a great experience for you and helping you to achieve your goals. Understanding Pilates is a practice that we commit to and learn about our bodies.  In turn we become stronger, more flexible, have enhanced mobility and we expand our mind -body connection.

It becomes a lifestyle and this FEELS GREAT! Your body will thank you for the attention it deserves.

These policies are in place for setting the foundation of your practice.

We look forward to working with you and WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!


This is mandatory for sanitary and safety reasons. Please use grip socks with the sticky bumps on bottom of the socks. This is for safety and grip that's needed when you're on the machine.  We have a few extra in the studio to loan. You can buy them online and most department stores.  There is a water vending machine on site for purchase.


On time means a few minutes before the class actually BEGINS to avoid wait and disruptions for the others who have arrived on time.  If you are new to the studio, you will need to fill out some forms.  Prepare to arrive 10 mins prior to class.

We DO ALLOW Walk-Ins, but signs -ups are preferred. And we can set you up at that time. Do give yourself 10 mins prior class so we can acquaint you with our studio.. 


ALL Pilates Fusion Classes run 50 mins in length and Private sessions 55 mins. 

SIGN-IN is required by the assigned instructor of that particular session.  We go through the Mind -Body software program.

Sessions must be paid in full prior to class participation,  NO exceptions.  To book a class you must either have a credit in your account or pay at the time of booking. 

We DO ACCEPT ALL credit cards, checks and cash.


All cell phones must be turned to silent during session and if any disorderly behavior occurs, the instructors have the right to politely dismiss you from the class to avoid class disruption.

If you have arrived past the 15 mins mark of a class, this is considered a late show.  For the flow and respect of the class, a 10-min max tardiness could be tolerated, otherwise considered a late cancel and will be docked from your account.


Group Classes require 9 hours prior notice for cancellation.  Privates/Duets Sessions require 12 hours prior notice.

If you do not cancel within that time frame, you will be marked as a no show/late cancel and consequently will be deducted a class from your account.

We are understanding. We do understand sometimes unforeseeable circumstances can arise but we have to be strict, fair and consistent with all clients.  Unless an unforeseen event occurs, such as accident or emergency, which would be waived upon with validating proof, no exceptions will be made. 

We, at Pilates Fusion, reserve the right to cancel classes due to zero participants and that will be posted on the Mind Body Schedule/ Website a minimum of 4 hours prior to class time and we intend not to make this a habit.  We want to be open and available to you.

Pilates Fusion will be closed on all observed holidays. These hours can be referenced trough MindBody & Yelp.

Pilates Fusion reserves the right to assign a substitute instructor, if needed.


Monthly passes CANNOT be extended unless you are injured, in which case we will ask for a letter from your doctor.  If you have a an urgent matter, call to discuss with the manager.


CONTRACTS- AUTO RENEWS Please be aware when purchasing your MonthlyAuto-renew runs on a 3 month contract, however if you don't let the studio know via email or call, that contract will roll over to the 4th month & charge your account. 

  If you wanted to opt out of the contract at the fourth month a few weeks notice prior will be recommended or you your account will be automatically be charged. At that point you can stop the renewal, should an emergency should happen and the payment has gone through that month, I cannot refund it, I can cancel it for the upcoming month.

Understand when signing on with auto-renew packages that, travel plans and illness are no reason enough to cancel, freeze or terminate. When signing on to a contract you will have to read and agree to the terms of the agreement. 

 Otherwise we recommend you consider purchasing a Block session pack which offers alternating month expirations.

**All special offers (SALES) apply to designated classes only and are not NOT refundable or interchangeable, freezable, and ultimately since it's being offered at a Sale price, we cannot alternate that package in anyway.

Refunds may only be granted if the client has mistakenly purchased the wrong package and can be exchanged for another.


If a class you particularly want is fully booked, please sign up for the Waitlist, if that client does not appear, Mindbody will let you know the spot has cleared up. 

Due to our 9-hour cancellation policy, late cancels do sometimes occur and spots are made available.  In the event that you are moved over from the Waitlist, you will receive either an email offering you a place in the class. (To ensure you’re able to receive these emails, please make sure that you choose YES, on your account profile when asked “Subscribe to email reminders & notifications.”)  You are under no obligation to accept the Waitlist offer, however we do ask that you respond by notifying us "CAN NOT ATTEND."  If you cannot make it, your place will be offered to the next client. Failure to respond ‘‘CAN NOT ATTEND” to the waitlist offer will result in a lost class.


We highly recommend if you are suffering from acute injuries that constrict you from fully integrating yourself into a class setting, that you consider a private sessions to help you through your rehabilitation period.


Also please notify us of any changes in your health/medical condition so we are aware and prepared as instructors.