I began Pilates in October of last year. I came to Pilates Fusion from another studio as I wanted to continue my private sessions with Bianca after she opened up her new studio. I have been able to take private lessons twice a week and I have noticed continued improvement in my overall condition.


I really didn't know what to expect when I started Pilates. My daughter had made arrangements for me to start with private instruction and since then I have noticed dramatic improvement and the ability to maintain the weight loss that first brought me to Pilates.

At 62, I wasn't looking to build massive muscles, but rather, improve my flexibility, tone and strength. Private instruction with Bianca has allowed me to surpass my initial goals and set higher goals for the future. Additionally, this is something that I foresee being able to continue in the future.

   I have been inspired to continue with Pilates based on the results that I have noticed since beginning instruction. Not only has my posture improved, but I have better tone and flexibility. I have noticed a welcome change from the fit of my clothes to everyday movements. My twice a week instruction has also inspired me to begin doing home exercises. I find that when I miss a session I am not as diligent about my home program and I do not feel as good as when I follow a consistent routine.

While I have noticed that the majority of persons taking Pilates are women,

I would definitely recommend it for men, depending on their goals.

If you had previously avoided exercise and are looking to improve

your overall condition by increasing your flexibility, tone and core strength,

you cannot go wrong with Pilates. 

                                          - Tom


    I was in need of a low impact exercise, and a friend recommended I try Pilates at the Pilates Fusion Studio. I began with the introduction class which included private’s sessions and group classes.

As a beginner Bianca, the owner and instructor, took her time and got me acquainted with Pilates techniques. Her knowledge and upbeat approach kept the classes, channeling and fun and I quickly became hooked.  

   Bianca is truly a special instructor. She is dedicated to giving her clients classes based on her student’s needs. She will assess the needs of your body and work to push you towards getting stronger and fit. The studio itself is clean, updated and inviting.  

I look forward to my workouts each week. I am so glad I discovered Pilates Fusion!

                                                                                      Hooked on Pilates



  One of the challenges when we relocated two years ago was leaving behind a Pilates studio that I loved. I tried several places in the area, none that fit the bill, before finding Pilates Fusion and wow,                                                                                am I glad I did!

  Pilates Fusion is a boutique studio that offers an intimate, personalized experience to their clients.

      Whether you’re more experienced with Pilates like me or brand new to it, Bianca and her team of instructors know how to tailor their approach to meet your needs. They know when and how to push their students while also offering the right amount of direction and support to ensure we improve our                                                     form and achieve our fitness goals.

 The classes are always motivational, challenging and fun, with lots of variety to ensure we never get bored.  As a more mature Baby Boomer with a challenging job, Pilates has been a life-saver, helping me stay flexible and strong and manage my stress. I’m really grateful to Bianca, Nicole and the rest of her team for helping me continue my Pilates journey.

                                   - Linda

   I started Pilates 5 years ago right after I retired.  I had no idea what Pilates was; I thought it was a type of Yoga so I was surprised and a little scared when I saw the reformer. 

I heard of the many benefits of Pilates, and found this cozy beautiful studio, Pilates Fusion,- and gave it a shot. 

After 30 years of working hunched over a computer, my posture was terrible and I was having pain in my neck and upper back.  I planned to take a few sessions to see if it helped and then figured I’d do it for a few months.  

      After about six months, my neck and back felt great, I was much stronger and more flexible and my clothes fit better.  About a year after I started, I was measured at the doctor’s office and I’d “grown” a half inch. One session a week turned into 2, then 3 and now I take at least 5 classes a week.

   I love this quaint studio, all of the instructors are well educated and caring, as no two classes are never the same. I like being challenged by the classes but also appreciate that the instructors know how to modify the moves for any injuries or pain I might be having.

I’m hooked. I want to enjoy my retirement  traveling and keeping up with my grandchildren.  Pilates is going to be my fountain of youth.  My body craves it and so I keep doing it, I've never felt better, and my body has transformed tremendously.


Pilates Fusion is small pilates studio in the rear of office buildings on Navajo Road in San Carlos. Look for the big sign out in front and then move to the rear of the property. Parking is no problem, and it's free. There are 8 reformers so there never can be more than 8 people in a class.  That's important to me because it means that the very capable instructors don't have too many people to watch over at the same time.  I've been going there almost since its inception, and found the instructors well trained and knowledgeable and vigilant.  I'm probably one of the most senior of the regular attendees and have been going there through 2 knee replacement surgeries and coping with other consequences of aging and lack of exercise. I try to attend 3 or 4 classes per week so that I can continue aging.  I've been increasing my strength, gaining balance, and endurance, all with the help and encouragement of the instructors at Pilates Fusion.  There is a warm and friendly feeling there.  Instructors learn your name, challenges and strengths right away and even remember them.  You never get the same class twice.  Routines are varied to keep you interested and to emphasize and work on different body parts and functions.  The instructors are from different backgrounds, dancers, gymnasts, athletic trainers, and all trained and certified Pilates instructors.  It's a great place.  I really hate to exercise, but I keep coming back for more.

                                                - Elaine

Excellent studio.  The new owner has made some great improvements to the space since taking over, and it's in a really beautiful spot in Del Cerro.

So far I've taken classes with Bianca, Whitney, and Nicole.  They all have their own style as every instructor does, and I've really enjoyed classes with all three.  I'm fairly experienced in my practice and have been challenged in both the intermediate and advanced classes, but they also offer several beginner and stretch classes as well.

The studio has Balanced Body reformers with full tower conversions, and thus offer both reformer & tower classes, which not many studios in San Diego are able to do.  If you want something different than standard mat or reformer classes, workouts using the tower are a great change of pace.

This studio offers great instruction, quality equipment in excellent condition, and a unique and welcoming environment.  As such, I highly recommend Pilates Fusion Del Cerro.

                    - JP


I was very hesitant to try Pilates.

My friend encouraged me to try a private lesson first and then move on to classes.

I tried a lesson with Bianca and felt so great when I finished the lesson.

Bianca is such a positive teacher. She makes you feel that you can do anything if you just try. I feel stronger and energized after a session with her.  I'm so grateful that I started pilates fusion. 

-  Susan

  I visited Pilates Fusion via Class Pass and I absolutely fell in love with                                                           the studio.

  The studio is such a lovely little space with wood paneled walls, air plants and succulents that surround you as you're working out.  

There are only 8 Reformers, so the class size is always very intimate and it's almost like you're getting a private class.  

I signed up that very week for their Spring Special (10 classes for $99).

 ALL of their teachers are top notch and every class is a great workout.  I highly recommend this studio if you're looking for a beautiful space to workout in, teachers who will push you, but nurture you, and a welcoming, friendly environment.

                         - Lauren